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How much is too much for you? How much is it that will make you feel content? Have you ever come across something and wished that if I could get this, I would be the happiest and will want nothing further? Sounds familiar, right? Well, psychology says the opposite. There’s always a need and want for more when you have achieved what you wanted. Marketing students, remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Exactly! You got my point. For those unaware of the theory, Maslow's theory says people must first satisfy basic needs like food and safety before they can focus on things like love, self-esteem, and personal growth. It's like building a pyramid of needs, with each level depending on the one below it. So, when one needs gets fulfilled, you immediately pounce on to the next one. Does it sound very materialistic and selfish to you? Well! It is not. This is why we humans exist. We are constantly in search of purpose to fulfill our lives and there is nothing wrong in that. The only thing that settles is dust, not we humans!

The book “2024… Your Year of More” by Noah William Smith is one book you should read before 2024 commences. It will provide you the much needed push we all look for before the start of every year. Most of us start our year with full enthusiasm to cease it like never before and want to make the most of it. Be it building habits, taking up a hobby you have been putting off or just staying positive throughout. We have things we want to plan ahead of a new year. This book will come handy for that, trust me! This is a short book so it will demonstrate only what is needed cutting most of the mindless things generally preached. The book is designed in alphabetic aims (this is what I would like to call it). It does not necessarily have to go in order. You can just open it from anywhere and see what’s in store for you. It asks you to question yourself and work towards your practical goals.

One alphabetic aim I would like to quote from the book which caught my attention. It was “I” for “Immunity”. It talked about not just physically immunity but mental. Confused? Let me explained. It talked about 2024 to be the year when you could have immunity from unhelpful thoughts. Thoughts that no longer serve you. Thoughts that just clutter your mind and do nothing good. Sounds promising, right? Well, the book is filled with many such “alphabetic aims” ranging from A-Z.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get more of 2024 and drink it to the lees, this book is for you. We just have 2 more months before 2024 knocks on our door. Go and grab a copy for yourself soon and make the best of it.

Happy Reading!

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