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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

First, a very happy new year to all my readers. I know it is quite late to wish, but better soon then never. A few days ago, I had completed reading a mammoth of a book which was gifted to me at the starting of last year. I read reviews about the book and did not have the heart to read it. However, my research demanded me to read it and that is how I found courage to read that. I was overwhelmed by the emotions it swirled in me. After reading, I took a little time to sink in the feelings it brought with it. Somehow, I could not write about it immediately but wanted to post something about it as I could contain what was going inside me. I took my Instagram page to my respite and posted about it. Again, totally my feelings about the book. Some responded positively while others hated it. I was taken aback. I held in a few days again thinking if I should write anything at all about the book. Then, I thought no matter what you do there will always be difference of opinion just like the review this book received. People criticized it for the whole lot of naked emotions it unveils. So, here I am to express my views on the book that is written rarely these days, and unapologetically it is my opinion about the book. People may differ in their thoughts but hold on and think what brings us together? Stories! Right?

The book “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara is one of a kind and we do not see such richness in literature these days. The depth to which she goes is commendable. People criticized it due to the heart wrenching feelings it brings to us but many fail to appreciate the little sunshines it has throughout the story. The story revolves around the protagonist Jude and his three friends Willem, Malcolm and JB who have been together since their college days. They eventually share a bond of friendship that lasts for a lifetime. Jude has suffered a lot in his childhood. The traumas are so intense that it stays with him all his life. However, once he is in college, he has people around whom he can count on and share whatever he likes to without the fear of being judged but he does not. Even when his life is better after college, he faces a lot of mental and physical challenges throughout his life. The only difference is that he has supportive people around him unlike his childhood. What is it that Jude goes through in his childhood and carries the burden of it throughout his life? What happens to him next? For that, I urge you to read this masterpiece with an open mind.

How much pain is too much pain? Is physical pain is the only measure of discomfort? Is a closed person always negative? What is right? What is ethical? To answer all these questions, do give this gem a read with a mind that is tabula rasa. I am sure you would appreciate the way the story is spun. Grab a copy for yourself immediately!

Happy Reading!

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