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Book Review
Book Review: A Village Farm Girl

We are in 2020 ! Exciting yet so scary! We have all the facilities available to us which are just a blink of an eye away from us. We are so dependent on technology that we cannot even imagine life without them. We cannot begin to imagine how life without technology earlier would have been. How people in rural areas live or how, who cannot access these facilities, survive! However, what we do not think is its treasure they behold. Nature! We miss it and we face the atrocities by the lack of it.

The book, “The Village Farm Girl” by “Marthailyn” is a semi-autobiographical account of the author and is very well put, keeping in mind the interest of the readers. In this fast paced world, people just search for convenience and this book is a quick convenient read but the lesson it gives is that life isn’t always convenient and we have to live with it. We cannot always whine about our destiny and end up this beautiful life the almighty has given us. Instead, we should learn to appreciate little things in life and face our problems so that we grow through them and not break with it.

I guess I diverted from my topic. My apologies for that. But, I can’t help it as this book has so much to talk about. It tells you a story of a little girl and how she became a farm girl initially and later faced so many difficulties in life and yet fought with them gradually arising like a phoenix. This book has so much to offer, which the world needs today. We may go far ahead in development but we are forgetting our roots, we are forgetting the spiritual power that has brought us to this world. We have become vindictive, we have become merciless and we have become way too rational. However, this “little village girl” has not. She takes us back to our roots, to the times when belief had it all and forces us to think that life is beyond all pity things we crib about everyday.

Since, the story is short, I only told about the blueprint of the story as I do not want to give any spoilers and want my lovely readers to actually give a read to this beautiful piece. However, there are certain great quotes which I have personally kept handy for myself and would like to share one or two.

The first one goes as : “Running away from your problems is a race you will never win.” So true! Everyone in this world has their share of struggle. They have to face it no matter what. It is no one, no one is to be blamed about it. So why not bravely fight it, instead of giving up?

The second quote goes as : “It’s all about doing a job that makes you happy, and you will never work a day in your life.” I am sure many of you would have heard of it earlier but how many of you gave a thought about it? While you read this piece of review, I wish all of you to at least give five minutes of your precious time and give a thought about it. How many of you actually love your job? There are people who work on jobs they don’t like or rather hate but are stuck in some sort of comfort zone or mental dilemma to actually get out of it and take up the job you actually love. It may be less rewarding initially but more satisfying and with regular vigour it will someday reward you as well!

Lastly, I would also like to mention that this book also talks about certain sensitive topics like mental health, autism, sexual abuse and so on. I would not open the plots by discussing them which are there in the story as I said I do not want to give the spoilers but I also said, this book is one of those which the world needs today, so grab a piece for yourself and dive into the bitter sweet story of the little farm girl.

Happy Reading !

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It’s all about doing a job that makes you happy, and you will never work a day in your true..

I love the the kind of books you choose to review...almost like reading something very personal. Keep it up beta.

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