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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A Week is not Forever by Firie Mhene
Book Review: A Week is Not Forever

What is a love story? The ones that we know of is typical of a girl and boy meeting, getting attracted towards each other and henceforth meeting their destiny, which is either they unite or their lives follow two different directions. Cliched! Isn’t it? Well, no more because this book is way ahead from any other regular love stories.

So, let me begin with describing this book without giving any major spoilers. This book is one of a kind because it not only depicts the tug-of-war type conflict the protagonist has with her love life in her mind i.e. whether her love is fruitful or draining for her, but also deals with the spiritual aspect of love which is the essence of God’s will. On one hand, it shows the pious aspects of love while on the other hand, the candid narrative technique does not make it boring. The protagonist is in continuous conflict with her life at present, her identity, her individuality and her aspirations. However, one part of her personality also longs for affection she had been starved of. Does she get what she craves for or not? Well ! For that you have to dig into the book.

Along with the story this book contains, some parts of it can also be considered as a travelogue. The way the author has described the landscapes of Egypt and the beauty it holds is commendable. I was totally taken into a virtual trip which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the cultural description given by the author. With that, I feel that the author has truly externalized the beauty of the place. Awestruck !

Coming back to the story, the readers would surely be able to relate with some or the other parts of the protagonist’s personality. However, the book is esoteric and will require an open mindedness to understand the spiritual aspects of the faith described in the story. Also, the narrative technique, as already said, is bold and invokes a blend of emotions which again requires an unprejudiced mentality. Hence, this book is one of a kind and is recommended to all the receptive readers.

Happy reading !

You can read this book Here

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