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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Bonded By Destiny

With every person born, there is a purpose attached. We may not be knowing of it, neither the person themselves but it is something conspired by the universe. That itself is called destiny. With the people who come to our lives and the purpose they fulfill are things that are destined to happen, the book “Bonded by Destiny” by Euriya Larsen illustrates one such story and it indeed is worth a read.

To begin with the description of the book - the book describes the birth and life of Theanna, a hybrid of the Prince of Dark Realm and Princess of Celestial Realm. Her parent’s lives intersect without the will of the respective families which brings their gradual end. However, the destiny of little Theanna had different plans for her. After her parent’s unfortunate death by the keepers of dark realms when she was merely a toddler, she was brought up by her maternal grandparents. She had to go through a lot of hardships right from the time her parents died till her adulthood. The story illustrates her as a tender yet strong character fighting all odds which came on her way. However, she is always supported by her maternal grandparents, especially her granny, Helen. They both were immortal and so have their granddaughter’s back always.

As it’s said there’s always a support system apart from family. Theanna was always shadowed by someone she was bonded by destiny. No matter how hard the times got or she herself went, he was always there for her. Who was he and what was his purpose for her life or vice versa? For that one must read the book as it would be a spoiler if I raise the curtains.

Being a hybrid of both celestial and dark realms, she possessed both the characteristics in her personality too. However, she always struggled between the war of both her characteristics within. With great power comes great responsibilities and also challenges. With winning them comes a truly gifted destiny. This book narrates the same. The book is worth a read if one has loved moves like “The Twilight Saga” and like “Lucifer”.

Please note that this book is intended for adult reading as it contains explicit love scenes. Nevertheless, the book provides all the contents which can make a great movie and of course a very good read. With the next one coming in the series, I can't wait for it.

Till then, happy reading !

You can read this book Here.

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