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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Breathtaking

Sigh! I am out of words yet full of emotions. I finished the book and inhaled deep and exhaled longer for I don’t know how many times. I am in a trance. I want to cry but something in my overwhelming heart stops it. Anyone around me has no idea how emotionally moved I am. I want to cup my face in my own hands and really want this piece to sink in. I want to scream in grief as a reaction of the story I just read yet I am too overjoyed to have come across such a piece. I don’t know how to express this until I hold this pen and my hand flows on the blank canvas of my journal.

My God! Too much said, I feel but too less expressed, I guess! Have you ever felt this stream of emotions flow through after reading an exuberant piece? Well! I did feel the same after reading the book by author Courtney Turcotte Bond with her book and it truly lives by its title: “Breathtaking”. I could not come up with another title, though I tried hard to search while reading. Such a roller coaster of emotions I experienced from my heart sometimes moving to my gut for it straight moving up in my mouth.

Let’s talk about the work. The book is the coming of age story of two people, Cara and Adam who are inevitably inseparable right from their childhood. They come from families who are poles apart yet these two connect so much that they are like perfect pieces of a puzzle, different but incomplete without each other. They perfectly compliment each other and are always clinged to each other till life happens. They face something just days before their graduation which changes Cara’s life drastically. The events which follow are heart wrenching yet heartwarming. The readers will completely get lost in the story and feel the melancholy of the plots, turns and the destinies of the characters.

The other things in the book, which I liked other than the main story were well researched ways of the author before paraphrasing any incident. Being a literature enthusiast, I loved the usage of literary anecdotes and poems which were truly moving, and I thoroughly enjoyed them all interpreting them all in my own way.

There are so many instances and phrases running in my mind from the book. Being one of the few people reading this book before the release, I would like to quote an excerpt from the book which moved me. It goes as- “we all have different perspectives based on what is either available or hindering us. This can apply to real life because we often think we see the full picture when our view is limited, and there are various other perspectives out there.” Insightful! Isn’t it? Well! This book is loaded with such insightful excerpts and moments which would leave you spellbound after reading them. There were times when I read something, stopped, gulped the aftereffects, and carried on further. The plots of the story are obscure and keep you gripped till the very end.

Lastly, there is a beautiful and thoughtful message at the end of the story which compels the readers to think about it! I can go on writing about the book, but I am afraid to spill the beans about the story as I wish the readers to feel the enticing story personally.

The book will be out soon on all leading bookstores and online platforms. Stay tuned to get the updates about its release.

Happy reading!

The book has been released on 1st September and you can read this book Here!!

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Wow...your review too is Breathtaking..will be in my reading list.

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