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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Bridge of the Gods

For all the Harry Potter fans, I have great news which is, this book of-course! The story which made our lives beautiful and mystical with its magical spell has come in a new incarnation. Well! I am by no means comparing two works. All I want to say is that while reading this book, I was taken back to the iconic Harry Potter saga because of the magic this book created though the story and plot line are entirely different.

To begin with, the book “Bridge of the Gods “written by author C. J. Rose is the first in the series of “A Generation Son Chronicle “. It tells the story of a teenage boy who is typically carefree till he reaches his 18th birthday and realizes his life’s bigger purpose and the way he can be important to Greek Gods. As it is said in the story that “sometimes Gods too need a man’s help”. His closest childhood friend who is always fascinated by the lives of the Greek Gods, supports her friend, the protagonist, Luthor, on his divine journey. Having lost his father during his childhood under mysterious conditions has a back story of its own which is emotional yet is a significant episode as far as his life goal is concerned. The author does a brilliant job in switching the narratives of various characters in first person account mainly switching the narratives between the protagonist, Luthor and his best friend turned lover, Gwen. One more noteworthy aspect of the book is a well-researched Greek Mythology which the author describes in a detailed way telling the back stories of each God and the consequences which brought the lives of immortal God and mortal man together and the ways they are linked. The spiritual aspect and the belief described in the book is also splendid. So, for all the mythology lovers including me, it is a TREAT. The way the plots are connected i.e. life of a contemporary teenage boy with the story of the Greek Gods is truly enticing which the readers will latch on to.

With the book’s story and the series to come, it surely is a promising one. I have not revealed much of the story but the reading experience one would get while going through it and switching on from places, plots and characters would be truly enjoyable and I can vouch for that.

Lastly, with all being said, this book surely does justice and is A MUST READ for all the enthusiastic readers.

You can read this book Here.

Happy Reading!

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Really looking forward to read the book. Please visit for more book recommendations.

Like have given a wonderful description of the book. Will definitely read it.

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