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Book Review: Finding Your Seat At The Table

It gives me immense pleasure to review a non fiction book after reviewing a series of fictional ones. The book “Finding your seat at the table “ by Teboho Mofokeng, is one of the rarest books which is the need of the hour. The title of the book truly justifies the content it holds.

In today’s world where there is cut throat competition and Charles Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” stands so true, this book is a must read. The author has done a great work in researching the facts that lay down the guidelines for making a successful career. Be it the statistical data or the spiritual insight, the author has done a wonderful job. The world today is getting evolved so fast and at such a drastic rate that people are already obsolete with their skills before they even know. Gone are the days when people used to spend their entire life in a single job at a single designation. The world today demands personnel who are ready to adapt with the changing needs and trends. Those who are willing to upgrade themselves survive, else they are thrown away from their jobs without any mercy. This cut throat, ruthless competition has gone so far that people identify themselves with the success they achieve or the jobs they are in. But, is this worth it? Are people only the ones whose jobs define them? No! There are things at personal level too. The diamond which we see is also a form of coal which under great pressure becomes diamond. This book defines the same. It gives all the tips and tricks one needs to apply on themselves in order to shine like a diamond in their respective fields without compromising their personal identities. The book has ten chapters which deals with every aspect one needs to know in detail to excel in their careers. The book, apart from very practical tips, also jots down some topics which are very much necessary to maintain a stable mental balance like self awareness, positivity etc. It also emphasizes on emotional and physical well being too because as it’s said a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and vice versa. The importance of physical exercise is dealt in multiple chapters which shows its immense significance in today’s world where people are too busy to look after themselves.

So, if you are among those who truly want to take control and excel in your career without compromising on your principles and well being, then this book is definitely for you. People today need such books and I highly recommend it as it has become my go-to books for true guidance.

Happy reading !

You can get this book from the link given below. :)

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