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Updated: Feb 28

Book Review by Perminder Kaur
Book Review: Ram- Scion of Ikshwaku

Since our childhood, we have been taught to idolize the righteous supreme man, “Ram”. Not man but “God” figure. However, as every virtue has its own vice and as every glory has its struggle, Lord Ram’s life is depicted in the same way by author Amish Tripathi. Amish not only knows how to depict the lives of our Gods in a most realistic manner but also in such a way so as to not hurt the engraved religious sentiments of the people.

Like the earlier series of books on Shiva Triology, “ Ram - Scion of Ikshvaku ” also represent the protagonist “Ram” as a very real character who deals with life as it comes. He has its own demons to fight. Since childhood he has been cursed with the destiny. His fault? Only to be both born in an astrologically incorrect time.

In-spite of all the hardships he has seen in his life, he proves himself to be the most caring son, the most loving husband and the most eligible heir, " the crown prince" to the throne of Ikshvaku “or” the Suryavansh.

It is noteworthy that all the books of the series showcases the lives of the protagonists, Sita and Ram with a very different perspective of their lives where Sita is equivalent to Ram in her own way. Kudos to the writer for keeping Feminism in mind and making Sita, the torchbearer of it. This book depicts how Ram has equally treated her wife and has gone far than his conscience allows to protect his wife.

This book reflects the life and struggles of Lord Ram which keeps the interest of the readers alive till the very last page. Amish’s writing has made the youth of India much inclined towards their mythology when they were more interested in Romanticism and sci-fi. This is like a beginning of a new era of writing. Highly captivating and well researched work.

With the other two books of the “ Sri Ram Chandra Series “ and one more to come, where the lives of Sita and the antagonist Raavan is depicted in a most unconventional way, there is a lot to be discussed and reviewed.

For this book i.e. , the first one of the “ Sri Ram Chandra Series “, it is a work that totally justifies the mythology as it is a part of “myth” after all. However, it also justifies the portrayal of epic story of Ramayana as it nowhere mentions the name of Ramayana but takes anecdotes from the scripture keeping in mind the realism yet keeping it mystic. Nevertheless, it totally depends on the readers to take a call for their view points on the book and the way the story is told. For me, it is “Justice Done” !!

You can Read this book Here.

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1 Comment

Very well written Perminder..I've read this book twice. What you have written is absolutely true...Justice Done

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