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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Reprogramming Life

Scarcely are the times you are so moved by a book that you are short of words because they stir so much inside you which are more than words. However, I will try my best to weave them into words. It gives me immense pleasure to be talking about one of such books - Reprogramming Life: For more intuitive living.

This book surely lives by the title. Let me start from the beginning. From the time we are born till we slowly gain senses, morality takes over and eventually, either we flourish, or we are doomed depending on the experiences we receive. Not everyone is the same, not every life is the same. Some are born with a silver spoon while for some life just doesn’t stop throwing lemons. However, we have one superpower embedded in us already like they say “the inbuilt feature “. Yes! it is in everyone no matter who we are and what life we have faced already. And what is that? Well! It would be a big spoiler if I spill the beans. I recommend it to be read by everyone and explore the gift of nature we already have in ourselves.

Before I read this book, I had little idea about the traditional things and power of nature. A constant switching over of “either it’s a superstition” or “it is exaggerated”. But, after reading this book, I can surely connect the threads and understand our age-old mystic things better. A part of me is grown, a part of me is enlightened. Thanks to such works and authors.

I did not have an idea about how biology, nature and our wellbeing is so much related and it can prove to be so empowering. The way we are engineered is no less than a divine miracle. Everything has a scientific link. This book surely is one of the amazing works in the field of human enlightenment.

I highly recommend it to all. With all I mean, all age groups, all the people who believe in mysticism, all the ones who have scientific minds and all the people who want a change for the better. The change from within which eventually changes the surrounding aura. And, of-course me! Keeping it as a treasure to be re-read whenever I have doubts about the things nature is capable of.

Happy reading!

You can read the book Here

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Wow...if the review is so amazing I wonder what the book would be like..definitely will include in my reading list.


Wow...if the review is so amazing I wonder what the book would be like..definitely will include in my reading list.

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