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Book review
Book Review-The Lost DNA 2050

Time and again, there have been writers writing about the world which might evolve in future. Some have been highly negative and painted the worst imaginable dystopian society where there will be only downfall of humankind while some writers, though a few, have pictured society in its best possible utopian way where there are always changes of development and glory. However, the book “The Lost DNA 2050” is one of a kind and has a mix of both with a touch of mythology. It indeed is an incredible mix.

The story has two subplots going on, one in the present 2020s and one far in future, in 2050s. Both the stories merge and we can finally connect the dots in the end which, while reading truly leaves the readers suspicious and restless. The story of Lakshmi, the protagonist in the 2020s and the way she helps the world even after her death is really worth your time. The story from 2050 recedes gradually with little scientists going back to the ancient times to make the world a better place and one with Lakshmi in the background. Lakshmi in two different subplots? Though years apart? Is that a question going on in your mind? Well ! To get your answer dig into the book as I said, the book has a lot of suspense along with the events narrating the stories. The story along with the robotic society also highlights the human relationships of parent-child, mother-daughter, teacher-disciple, bond between friends etc. Moreover, the story about coming-of-age of the scientists is not just another story showing the high end futuristic inventions which the scientists usually make on sci-fi movies but they are the ones who go to the roots of our existence, the early ages and the early sages who found things much ahead of their time or rather much ahead of our time and the future which is still to come. Incredible! Isn’t it? Well, this is just an overview, the entire story unfolds various mysteries which the people have still not been able to unveil. The story, though being fictional, leaves the readers to contemplate if these events, by any chance, can be true. It leaves the readers with an eerie feeling too visualizing the realization of the events. At Least I felt the same, clenching the book multiple times. I went to the future, came back to the present and also lived back in time. It was an exuberant experience. The story also highlights the significance of mother nature and the wrath it can show if not treated with care.

The book made me feel petite, we, as humans are, when we consider the entire universe as a whole. The mythical touch in the story, also gripped me as I personally am a great fan of that genre. Relating everything so realistically is worth all the praises and lastly, I would like to mention the excellent research the author has done. The end of the story is open-ended and it either leaves the future events or else leaves the readers to think on the future events or else leave them to get hold of the sequel of this work. Well! I belong to the latter category. Hoping to get the sequel soon in my hands and wishing you all to dive into the amazing piece “ The Lost DNA” by Kava Kamz.

Happy Reading !

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