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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: The Nose Job

The world we see today is something which evolved a great deal from what it was. If we go through the literary works from earlier times till date we see how the works changed

with time. The works have always narrated stories of their contemporary times. They tell how the society that time was or is along with the main story they narrate. However, writers have also thought ahead of their times and narrated stories of the future world. They have created a picture perfect society which could be as ideal as ever depicting them to be utopian. Also, on the other hand, some writers have told stories which are more practically possible (seeing the current situation) depicting the dystopian society. The book “ The Nose Job “ by Aarthi Mathivanan is one such book which tells the story of dystopian society and is surely worth a read.

The book tells the story of an indecisive yet strong willed teenage girl, Breckett who goes through a lot in her life from being detached from her friends to some of the life changing things which shape her personality and the actions she takes to overcome the obstacles. She fights multiple odds in a very short duration of time. She is ridiculed for her looks and the choices she makes for her academic prospects. The book ponders on the possibilities the near future can have as far as academics are concerned and also the ill effects it will have in society. Changes are good as long as it is in favor of mankind but

over ambitious changes can also backfire. This story aptly tells the same. With the

current world around, one can possibly think that the corruption in near future can truly go upto the level mentioned in the book. Along with the major changes in the society and academic field described, the book also mentions some humanly relationships like that of husband - wife and mother - daughter. It has that emotional touch too which a book needs.

The intense narrative provides a thrilling read for the readers. The plot is so unpredictable that it keeps the reader hooked till the very end and does not get bland at any point of time. The title of the book is wisely chosen and one can only understand the significance after reading the entire story or atleast after reading a major chunk of it.

The author has wisely chosen the theme. The imaginative possibilities explored will leave readers to dwell upon various things that might happen in future. Though dystopian yet realistic in its point of view, this book is surely recommended by me.

Happy Reading !

You can read this book Here!!

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