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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Book Review: The Ship
Book Review: The Ship

Have you ever heard of instances or anecdotes where animals are humanized? Of course you did in movies like Dr. Doolittle and fables which teach children a moral lesson. But, is there anything which is new and modern these days which the authors attempt of similar genre? No! Well, if you are a fan of such genre, then this book “ The Ship” by Ruchita Mathur brings you a good news.

This book illustrates stories of a ship’s crew members, the voyages they undertake and the adventures they have while undertaking them. They are often trapped in various difficulties and when things go out of hand, there is always the captain of the ship who is a spider named Lega who rescues them. On one such adventure she meets her beloved Taba and marries him. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? The book is filled with such anecdotes of the crew members of the ship named Speedy. There are twelve short stories which are interesting and impart moral at the end. The stories will interest the children a lot as they are totally new and fresh as compared to other children stories which have been going on from generation to generation without major changes. Eventually they would develop interest little children and inculcate in them the early habit of reading which every parent wants.

I would like to illustrate one of the stories which I found quite interesting. The story tells of an incident where the ship, Speedy stops at an island with trade purpose whose main leader is an arrogant kangaroo. However, as the leader becomes unhappy with the gifts they bring in exchange of the trade. There happens no trade and on the top of it the leader asks the captain of the ship to leave one of her crew member as a slave. The captain refuses and only asks for an overnight stay at the island. The leader somehow agrees. Meanwhile, the captain, Lega finds that the assistant of the leader is a spider named Taba who is enslaved. She falls in love with him and eventually tries to rescue him with the help of the crew members. They finally marry.They both lead the ship. This is one of the twelve stories of the book.

This book is highly recommended children book and since we don’t see authors these days coming up with such genre often hence I would like to applaud the author Ruchita Mathur for the same.

Happy Reading !

You can get your copy Here.

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