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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book Review
Book Review : The Treasure Of Rvier Tripti

About the author : Pooja Singh is an engineer by profession and a writer by heart. This is evident with her new write up. It took me immense pleasure to review her very first work which is a short story and promises a great new range for her upcoming books.

Review : The book “ The Treasure of River Tripti ” is a short story which describes the life of a young boy who is curious about the legendary River Tripti of his village. The story revolves around him and how he, with his childish curiosity wants to learn about the mystery of the river who even the elders of the village are unaware about.

The River Tripti of Rudra’s village, is said to hold a big range of treasure. However, due to the greediness of the villagers , the River has always shown her destructive side to the villagers and has often washed away the village life and engulfed in her, the most talked about treasure in the village. This bewilders little Rudra and he has his own set of questions. His curiosity is satiated by his grandfather.

Rudra, to his amazement finds a group of sages coming to his village near the banks of the river. He takes them to be his companion in his quest for the treasure which the river beholds. What happens next is worth a read and would be a spoiler if I raise the curtains.

This book is recommended for all the readers who are willing to have an adventurous read and also it can be used as a moral story for the children keeping in mind the little Rudra which is our protagonist.

Happy Reading !

You can read this book Here

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