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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Tinted Tales

About the author : Akanksha Shukla is a teacher by profession and a writer since her school days which is evident from her vocabulary and narrative style. Definitely not an amateur. She is a plants-person and finds solace in reading, doodling and music. Her greatest inspiration? Kids, for sure!

As they say, "like mother like daughter", the creative cover page of the book is designed by her daughter. An artistic approach, definitely inherited from her mother.

With such an impeccable writing, she is no doubt a promising future writer.

Review : I do not remember when was the last time I got so engrossed in a book that I forgot my present self. Such is the power of words. Isn’t it? This book is one of them. This book is a vibrant collection of ten short stories that take you to places and for the time being makes you forget yourself. You connect so much with the protagonists of each short story. It made me relive my childhood, my school days, my teenage days and what not.

Nevertheless, one more outstanding feature of the book is that, at one point of time the reader will feel so attached to the protagonist of one story while in the second instance itself the reader will instantly engulf in the spirit of the very next story. Isn’t it amazing? For sure, it is!

The anecdotes have a wide array of emotions including the teenage insecurities, childish fears, adolescent romances and the list goes on. For instance, one story tells you about childish fear of a little girl about ghosts and how she is comforted by his elder brother while the other story, which really moved me is the story of a little girl who faces communal riots along with her classmates and the never ending questions she and we,the readers are left with. She, being the first to witness it and we, the readers, still not able to digest the facts behind these riots. Now, you know the range of ideas the book covers.

The characters of the book are majorly younger people and children. So, a reader would definitely relate to them and if not, these stories will surely make the reader relive their past. I personally loved every bit of it.

With such strong ability to hold the readers and beautiful narrative technique, Akanksha Shukla surely is one of the promising writers of our country. I cannot wait for her next venture and can only imagine the new world she would take us to.

This book is highly recommended for the readers who want to get engrossed in a totally different world for a short span of time as this book is something most of us will want to finish in one go.

This book brings in the charm of luck for us at as we have been listed in Top 100 Indian Book Review blog by FeedSpot. We thanks all our readers for showing so much love and trusting our unbiased reviews.

Happy Reading !

You can read this book Here

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Beautiful portrayal 😍


Wonderful review...would definitely love to read the book.

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