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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Book Review: Woven In Your Love

When we talk of love, we are loaded with thoughts and dreams of a perfect love life. We aspire to have someone so perfect in our life that we miss the ones already present beside us. We fail to see the beauty of things when we have it and lament once it's gone or has become only a part of memory. Isn’t this true? Yes, it surely is! This does not only happen with aspects of love in our life but other things too which we initially ignore and later regret. The bite sized story “Woven in your love” narrates the same.

The story “of a girl-next door”, Urvi is something most of the readers will relate with. Her life is full of love and support from her parents and everything is near perfect until a course of time. She has loving friends, a great career to look forward to and anything and everything one could possibly wish for. There is a boy in her life, Ambar. He is someone whose life when entwined with Urvi’s makes the whole story magical and interesting. However, love does not actually literally happen between the two. How Ambar affects the life of Urvi and what her future unfolds is worth a read. The bite size of the book makes it quite UN-put-down able and one can read it in one go.

The story is wrapped up in a day in the life of Urvi and Ambar with all the flashbacks narrated which makes the story clear. The character of Ambar too is of a “boy-next-door” with whom everyone would be mesmerized. The story is divided into 11 small chapters with poetic touches. I would like to quote one among them :

“A bouquet of colourful moments

filling my life with its fragrance.

A life that’s been all over the

Place suddenly found a balance,

Wish I was a magician, I

Could hold this bouquet

For a little longer…..”

Such beautiful lines. Isn’t it? Don’t we all think that everything should be perfect and happen as we wished them to be? But does that really happen? Or even if it does, are we really happy and content with whatever we have and however our life is? NO! We are not. There is beauty in imperfections. There is beauty and happiness in saddest moments. There is always a silver lining in the heavy dark clouds. We just got to find the beauty. The things we have aren’t always the same we wished for but are the divine plan. It’s not surrendering to the circumstances but seeing the beauty for whatever we have and the struggles for which they are worth it. We don’t always live for ourselves but for the happiness of our near and dear ones. Life’s always a mystery. We get some chances in our lives (as mentioned in the above poetry) that are worth beholding forever. Those moments which we live for a short period of time but cling on it for our entire lifetime. That is the beauty of life.

However, the story is a “love story” which only the lovers of this genre would relish. The book is that of an anonymous writer and the way it is written makes me feel that the story is very close to the writer’s heart. The story will surely be liked by anyone who has gone through a heartbreak or for that matter ever been in love. There is nothing right in love nor there is anything wrong. Love is just Love! And that is the only truth of this beautiful life. Go grab a copy of this tiny little anecdote of love and get into a fantasy world away from the humdrum of daily life.

Happy Reading !

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