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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Book Review : Wraith
Book Review : Wraith

We live in a very unpredictable world where every next second comes with a surprise. There have been a lot of inventions lately. Some for the best and some for the very worst. One among them which we are facing in the recent times is “The Corona Virus” thing. However, science has been playing around with humans too, Making certain changes in the DNA, setting up a virus, mutating chromosomes- just to name a few. When we talk of science fiction, the image we picture is the world being destroyed and a superhero saving the world out of nowhere. However, the book “Wraith” which is the numero uno book of the writer, Rashun Ramon Carter comes with a uber cool surprise and is highly impressive stating the fact that it is the very first book of the writer.

“Wraith” is the first book of a sci-fi trilogy. It talks about a group of scientists trying to create types of humans that would be immortal until they face any unnatural circumstances. Also, they would be invincible due to some reasons which I would not like to disclose due to my oath of “Not giving a spoiler”. Jokes apart! The book has many such instances and excerpts which if discussed would surely prove to be a spoiler which I do not want as I want this to be a very enjoyable read for the sci-fi lovers.

Now, coming to the story, the story has two groups, the good scientists and the evil ones who create their own groups of mutated human beings and what later follows is a roller coaster ride of all the exciting things any young reader would enjoy. The novel has aspects of sci-fi, dystopia, magic realism and suspense. The title of the book is very significant as it implies to the invincible cult of beings. Did I give a spoiler? My apologies! Couldn’t resist. However, with further reading, the readers would find out the so-called invincible cult may also be imperfect at times. Everyone is! Life lesson! Wow! Am I talking philosophically? Well! Coming to the book, the story’s protagonist is a young boy “Cylus” who out of nowhere or rather without his consent is made to do what destiny wants from him and he never wanted. However, as the story progresses, he realizes that he is the only one who could do further good to the society and make the world a peaceful place. There are characters in the story like Tirzah and Tempest who help Cylus to achieve what he is meant to do and some not so good characters which belong to the evil cult who always hinder Cylus’s path. Sounds cliched? NO! It is not. I am just holding my horses so as to not give any spoilers.

This book is indeed what a young reader will cherish or any other reader who is up for an interesting read. The book is open ended as it is the first part of the trilogy and leaves the readers in suspense and wants them to grab the second copy as soon as possible.

Happy Reading !

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