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Updated: May 10, 2022

Essence of the Fifth Veda

You might have got confused with the title of the blog. The question that might have arisen in your mind is that – “How is Veda (i.e., part of mythology) been called ‘history’? Well! That is what our perception is, right? Mythology, as the word suggests or as we perceive, is a myth. The mythical stories of Gods and superpowers which we have been listening since our childhood from our grandparents and parents. They have been narrating the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata and we have been watching the same as kids too. Last two years have taken us back to those days, as the channels aired those shows amidst the lockdown period we had during the pandemic. Nostalgia!

Talking about the scripture, we have heard or seen the stories of our mythological scripture, the Vedas and the Purana and have created our own level of understanding and certain biases. With the advent of recent reasoning inculcated in us due to the technological revolution, we started questioning these very stories and thought them to be patriarchal or even unreasonable without even digging into it. Let me admit, I was one among them. I had my own biases. However, this book, “Essence of the fifth Veda” by Gaurang Damani, burst my bubbles and I cannot be grateful enough for having acquired this copy of the book. The book cramps in the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata and provides you with knowledge that you ought to know. Being, a crisp and short read, it is not something that will give you half knowledge of the scriptures which is more deadly, whereas it will introduce you to some aspects of the well-known stories you never knew of and intrigue you to get in depth of it.

Speaking from the historical point of view, the stories which we have been thinking to be myth or made up provides you with evidence that they really happened. So, when facts are wide open in front of you, you can’t keep your mind and eyes shut. These stories will open a whole new arena for you to understand, question and most importantly apply in your life. One of the distinct features of the book is that it provides geographical evidence of the history of the epics and the stories around which it revolves.

The book is methodically designed for those people who want to read these scriptures and do not have time for it. As every content these days, this book too is designed in bite size. It will open doors for you to enter a world you always lived in but never knew it mindfully. My personal experience has been great about this this book as now I want to get into the details of it. I will want to devour the other books coming up which will more in detail.

So, if you want to get into the reality of the mythological history we had and quench your thirst on the questions that arises in your mind, I strongly recommend this book to you. You will grow spiritually, practically and emotionally with it. Go and grab a copy to help yourself.

Happy Reading!

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