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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Book Review: Fast This Way

Food! One thing we cannot live without and obviously something which we cannot stop thinking about. Every life on Earth whether animals or humans revolve around food. Food has so much influence in our lives that we sometimes just eat, sleep, and repeat. We, as humans control a lot of things but what controls us? Yeah! Food! With the food industry booming and people exploring more and more about it, food has become the numero uno thing in everyone’s life. However, the question is – “Is food the whole and soul of our existence, as we have made it?” Well! As the famous saying goes, “Some people live to eat while some people wat to live.” So, the same is the case with the controversial question. It depends on person to person as to how we treat food, its existence in our lives and the body we own. The book “Fast This Way” by Dave Asprey explores all such questions related to food and diet. As the title of the book suggests, it obviously preaches about ‘fasting’ which is totally an individual choice. However, the reasons, science and myths discussed about fast and diet in this book are eye opening. If you are a person who believes in fasting apart from the religious reasons, this book is for you. If you are a person who wants to venture the pros and cons of fasting, this book is for you. If you are a person who loves food, this book is for you. All I mean to say is that this book is for everyone irrespective of their relationship with diet and food.

When the question of fasting comes in our mind, all we think about is, keeping away from food. However, this book has taught one important life lesson which is not related to food only. Fasting means “going without” and a person for his/ her personal development can fast/ go without things or addictions or temptations that stunts his/ her growth. Fasting from hatred, fasting from dopamine hits which gives you temporary happiness and fasting from anything and everything that stops you from becoming the person you always wanted to be. Amazing! Isn’t it? Well! This is just a part of the book which I am sharing. For more indulgences like this, I urge all my readers to read this book with an open mind. Even if you cannot fast from food, this book will broaden your horizons related to food and other things we can go without. It’s all a personal choice but knowledge doesn’t go waste. Becoming more aware of the usual things enlighten you and this is what I drew from this book. There may be people contradicting the theory of fasting (I am personally a foodie myself) but at least knowing what things are unknown to us does not do any harm.

So, for all my readers, I recommend this book who obviously want to broaden their horizons irrespective of any preconceptions.

Happy Reading!

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