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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

My Sleepless Nights by Manohar Grandhi

In the era we are living in, people value money over everything else, and in this mad rush of running behind the money and the comfort, we sometimes forget to live. We end up losing every bit of our life. We run so much behind our dreams that we lose our Sleep. Yes, we do! This is what the book “My Sleepless Nights: A Story of Victory Over Insomnia” by Manohar Grandhi is all about. However, it does not highlight the reason for the bliss that I mentioned. It is something that creates temporary dopamine and we can see the permanent effects it has on the lifestyle.

Insomnia is something that our modern-day society suffers with but neglects it and the worst part glorifies it in a way. It’s an age where people look at sleep as a liability and not as an investment as truly quoted by the author. Such a petty! You earn your entire life to gain the momentary benefits and lose sleep and again lose all one possibly can in finding peace. Ironical! Well, this is the issue the author has looked upon and studied with all the possible research to serve mankind. Yes! "Serve mankind" is the phrase I have for his deed because this book serves the purpose for everyone facing insomnia. There is so much a person deals with while affected by insomnia that they do feel like accepting that as a lifestyle rather than doing something about it.

The book has taken the scientific approach to dig deep into the matter along with the anecdotes and parables. So, the read is not blunt but it gets interesting with each turning page. “The best way out is through”- William Blake. It is true in every sense the book showcases. You can only find a solution to a problem when you confront it.

“It’s all in the mind”. Train the mind the way it should behave and you will have control instead of the other way round. The best part of the book is that the approach it takes is for finding the root cause and treating insomnia but, the way it undertakes, covers any other problem of the universe. Hence the approach it suggests cannot just cure insomnia but any other mental discomfort too. With that being said, do I need to preach more about the readability of the book? Of course not! It’s a must-read book for all. I finished it in one sitting and would not have minded if the book was a little longer and elaborated. Nevertheless, for all the readers seeking some binge-read which is also insightful at the same time, this book is a must-read!

You can get your Ebook Here!!

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