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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: No More Lurking Thoughts

We know! We all know that in today’s times, people are becoming very negative. When I try to look back, I cannot really remember or exactly locate as to when and what went wrong to mankind. But it surely did! Youth, these days are becoming highly susceptible to these thoughts. Call it the mental mutation or the loneliness. However, if we try to dig our grey matter, we can easily figure out the things which can be easily corrected with a little consciousness and this very book “No more lurking thoughts” by Aarti Jain Sahai is one such book which throws light on the already known but important facts of life.

As the title itself suggests, the thoughts which can help us in our self improvement and development are the ones that have been lurked since ages. The speed and severity with which the world is changing, it’s time to abate such things and sow the seeds of development. This book is the perfect go-to guide for the same. With its bite-sized approach, one is surely going to have an enjoyable time reading it. The book is handy and can be dug in any time you feel like having a guide to show you the light towards self-help. With so many people going into depression for minor issues, this book can surely be a boon and dust away all the pre - misconceptions one has about life. The book is divided into various chapters of self-help like motivation, empathy, health, compassion, showing gratitude and so on. Precisely it has twelve such topics covered individually.

The book gives you life lessons. I have highlighted some that personally fits me. I would like to share one such life lesson and also duly quote the lines from the book. It goes as “ One of the best things that we can adapt for motivating oneself is to start a new behaviour”. Such a beautiful advice, isn’t it? It’s so much true that to do anything in life we always look for motivation. We always look around for it, try to chase it but rather the one we are searching for is right within us. We just need to self start ourselves by just changing the pattern of our behaviour and make it new totally. The changed new behaviour gives the inertia and momentum to accelerate the path of self development. Oh My God! I am talking using “Physics” terms? Well! I never liked the subject but see this book brought a positive change in me. Lol! Jokes apart, this book indeed is something which would surely bring a positive change in the readers.

I would like to discuss one more topic that has been covered in the book. This topic is the very humble “Health”. According to the WHO and also as mentioned in the book, the definition of health is “the complete physical, social and mental well-being of a person which does not merely focuses on the deprivation of any disease or illness”. You see, health is the most neglected part of our lives these days. However, it is good to see people becoming more aware about the same with each passing day as it’s said “better late than never” but the aspect of health is not just having a toned body or skinny appearance but also a healthy mind and a calm spirit. Mind affects the body and vice versa. For example, that is why a person feels a loss of appetite when he/she is upset or feeling low. These things are entwined like a web. We cannot improve one and neglect others. Hence, holistic development is what is needed today.

Lastly, I would love to recommend this book to each and every individual who wishes to embark on the journey of not only self development and self improvement but also self love and self care. This is what our people are missing these days and the author has done a splendid job on highlighting the same.

Happy Reading !

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