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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

One Day in June by Sam Martin

I seldom come across books that I must stop reading to let a deep sigh out and soak in. It took me an eternity to read this work, not that it was linguistically over the top, but the emotional roller coaster I was on while reading it was way too adventurous if that is the right word I must use. I am at a loss for words. This book was a surprise and left a deep mark on my life.

The book "One Day in June" by Sam Martin is one of a kind that I have come across. We have read many war books, holocaust survivors' stories, and the never-ending turmoil. This story is a little different than the rest, is what I feel. It talks about the war times, unconditional family love, fighting through all the odds, and, most importantly, making peace with oneself (the past, present, and whatever the future holds). The book revolves around the story of the protagonist, Adrian, whose father was a soldier in the army. He had a great bond with his parents like every other functional family. Little did he know what all he would come across after his parents' tragic demise. He lost his father to a fatal MND (Motor Neuron Disease), which dragged the entire family along. Later his mother suffocated to death after a few years of her beloved's death, and anyways, she was half dead along with her husband. After Adrian's mother's death, Adrian comes across various secrets of his parents' life and his, too, for that matter. He was indeed not prepared to face all this. However, it was commendable for handling things, and whatever life had to throw at him.

Along with the questions he came across, his love life suffered a lot. So much so that he was left with trust issues and lived a very monotonous life. Whatever I described so far about the story is just its cover. The accurate picture is far too deep than what I just told. It will shake you, strike you, but you will come out as a different person after this book. And that is what we readers look for, right?

Having read the entire story, you will still be left with the hope that, in the end, hope does exist. To quote the writer, "love is far greater than anything which can ever stand in its way." I am not crying; you are!!! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy for yourself and dive into the world of love, despair, passion, compassion, deception, and most importantly, hope.

Grab your copy Here!!

Happy Reading!

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