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Updated: Jul 18, 2022


I generally find people whether it be kids or adults so much inclined to the stories of magic realism. Harry Potter for instance is a go to favorite of almost everyone even after so many years of its release (both as movies and books). What makes one so much attracted towards such stories. Of course, the magic! Magic is something excitingly enchanting for the kids and magic is an escape for the adults. No wonder it has such a huge fan following. Having said this, you must have guessed it by now the book’s genre we are going to discuss.

The book “Pentias: Master of the elemental jewels” written by Karthika Sajeev is the second book of this series. The first one being about the “Pentias: The True Bond”. The story revolved around the love and friendship of 5 people, Aahan, Aarav, Dhyan, Farhan and Harshi. With the former two being siblings belonging to a whole new world of Silandria. The story opens with Aahan dreaming about something dreadful that happened in the first book and his father falling ill suddenly. The obvious reaction of anyone would be to rush to the hospital and get under the care of medicos. However, the situation here was entirely different. Aahan’s father was sure that he cannot be cured by any doctor. All he needed was to reveal something very secretive to Aahan and take his help further. What was that secret and what was Aahan’s part in the mystery is something I want my readers to read! The story is so magical that once you are into it, you will want to be in it for a long time. It has its share of all the unpredictable twists and turns that surely makes the book UN-put-down-able.

Along with the story going on with the adventures and the mission the Pentias must accomplish. The story beautifully portrays the relationships among people. Whether it is parent-child relationship, a bond between the siblings or the selfless nature of friendship which is one of my favorites. There is an instance in the story where Aahan, who is the main protagonist of the story, asks his friends to leave for their betterment as he does not want to risk their lives for his sake. However, his friends cling onto him till the very end. This shows how selfless the bond of friendship is.

While writing this blog, it was very difficult for me to draw the line as to what to reveal and what not as I wish to talk so much about the book. However, speaking any further might spill the beans and prove to be a spoiler. I want my readers to dive into it and enjoy every bit of it. Lastly, I would like to say that though the book ended on a positive note, and all ended well. Still, something happened in the pre-climax part which makes me want to get the sequel of this book. With such a good read, I would surely want to have a sequel of this.

So, what are you waiting for, grab a copy for yourself and dive into the world of magic fantasy!

You can buy your copy here.

Happy Reading!

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