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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

With the times we are in and the instances we have been witnessing especially from a year and half, have obviously insisted our grey matter to work in a way like never. We have been seeing a lot of changes around us technologically. However, we are still contemplating on the fact if these changes would lead to something totally bizarre and we’ll set up anew benchmark for our future or we’ll go back to our roots and cherish the bliss of ignorance. Well! Obviously, the former sounds more practical than the latter but you never know what future has in store for us. Don’t we really want to go back to the days when there was less technological advancements and more peace? I know this is a controversial question as everyone has different opinion on this question. Talking of the hypothetical future, there has been a lot of buzz about it lately. However, the book “Reflection” by Adam Ostaszewski has a totally adventurous say on the same ground. The book is a short collection of stories which reflect the advancement of technology and hence along with it the rise of the dystopian society. The best thing about the book is that this book has small stories which knits different stories altogether despite being of the same genre. It does not stretch a same story at length and make it monotonous. In fact, it offers the readers fresh pieces of anecdotes which is commendable.

Having talked about the book in general, I would like to showcase on one of the stories which became my personal favorite. The story titled “Arcadia”. It narrates the story of few journalists who live way ahead in future. They goo to a different planet altogether to interview a sect of people who are supposedly much more advanced than the inhabitants of Earth. However, when the veil of the plot in uncovered, we find that this very super intelligent race coming from the Earthlings itself. However, as every story has a twist, every virtue has a vice, they have their own limitations which is severe and hence what follows is worth a read.

The book has other such stories that will keep you gripped if you are a fan of sci-fi or dystopian genre. With all that’s going around and will all the hue and cry of what the future has in store for us, you never know this book might turn into a reality. Well, that’s way ahead in future. Till then grab a copy for yourself, sit back and enjoy the read.

Happy Reading!

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