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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Screen Time

I have been reading a lot of self-help books lately. The thing common among them are, they have things that we already know but find it enlightening only when we hear it from someone else. Sounds like a reality check. Isn’t it? Well, one such reality of life we people these days have, specially after the year 2020 hit us and brought us virtually together is- technology. Though it was extensively used earlier too and there is unending research still going on for its upgradation, there is no denying of the fact that after the pandemic, it has become an integral part of our life. Whether it be working from home or keeping in touch with our near and dear ones, technology has played its part in the survival of the mankind. However, when you give so much time and attention to a thing, you will not know when this resourceful thing becomes an addiction. The book “Screen Time” by “Becca Caddy” throws light on the same topic and tells us some very insightful ways we can build ‘healthy’ boundaries with technology.

We often hear the phrase “digital detox” these days and see a plethora of contents on the same with a single click. There are videos and blogs suggesting digital detox who ask you to completely throw away your devices and live a Zen life. However, the question is, is survival without this possible in today’s world where you have so much connected to your device? The answer is neutral. You can survive but you also need it. Anything, in excess is bad. Same goes with technology. However, co-existing with it and building boundaries so that you control your devices, and it does not happen the other way round is the secret. With so much going around, we obviously need access to technology, but we need not know anything and everything going around. It will only build up unnecessary anxiety. This is the mantra.

The best thing about this book is that it does not only gives you tips and tricks to keep away from your devices (which you literally cannot) but shows you the reality and explains you in deep about where the problem is coming from. It tells you about the psychology behind everything happening in the tech world. For instance, in a chapter of the book, the writer explains that we people are constantly in need of upgrading our devices, but we do not know if that is really needed or not. It says, “It does not mean that if we can upgrade, we have to upgrade”. Upgrading technology leads to manufacture of new ones and the discarding of old ones (that are still in working condition). This leads to building up of e-waste and I need not say the harmful effects it has on the environment. So, next time you think of upgrading your device, pause and think if you really need one or if you have any more questions, you can always look up to this book. This was just an instance I discussed from the book. The book has a range of thoughts and ideas being discussed which is associated with new age technology.

Having discussed so many things related to technology, this book is the ultimate tech survival guide and a practical self-help book we need today. A totally recommended read.

Happy Reading!

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