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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Subconscious Mind

Humans have been engineered in such a way that it can dominate every species present in the world. However, what controls humans? Did we think of it? Well we know it! It’s his brain. Brain is an element which gives humans superiority over every other species even if the other species is double or even triple its size and physical strength. Brain has the power which surpasses physical strength too. This book highlights and showcases some of the aspects of this superpower itself.

The question is do we use our brain to its full capacity or rather do we exploit it to its full extent? The answer is an unfortunate NO! Even the most intellectual people too use less of 10% of their brain. From the stone age till now, just imagine how far we humans have come. And now, think about this fact that we did this only by utilizing less than 10 % of the superpower we have. What a waste ! Isn’t it? Needless to say where would we have been if we utilized our brains to its full capacity!

The part of our brain being discussed in this book is the hidden one which we rather neglect or usually the one which does not come into picture. The thing being discussed is the subconscious mind or the hidden third eye of humans. We usually do not have any idea about the tasks this part of our brain can perform or rather outperform.

Scientists and psychologists have been digging their brains in unleashing the power the subconscious mind has and the things we can actually accomplish by exploiting it. From Sigmund Freud, the one who studied the power of subconscious mind to the sage, Lord Buddha who attained salvation using the power of the subconscious mind, everyone has only shown the benefits it can have on the development of humans and in turn on the society as a whole. Because, development doesn’t necessarily mean destructive in usual materialistic sense but this development with the right usage of subconscious would be constructive in every term, whether societal, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

The society’s need of the hour is true awakening which can only be achieved by making the subconscious conscious. This book illustrates ways in which it can be and the benefits which in-turn it would have.

The author has created binge-reads for every aspect of life which needs to be pondered on and this book talks about one such power. Her other books too are worth a read. Keeping in mind the interest of the readers, she has made it short yet impacting one.

Again, a must read for every reader out there.

Read other works from the author Here.

Happy reading !

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