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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Rogue Wave
Book Review: The Rogue Wave

When I say “Mysticism”, I obviously mean something which is vague or ill-defined religious or spiritual belief. When we talk of spirituality, it's not the blind faith that we have been following since our ancestors left for us but something which does not meet our naked eyes. Something which holds the universe intact, something that helps the distressed when all doors are closed and something which is beyond all thresholds. Having talked about mysticism, the book “The Rogue Wave” by Paul Nicholas Mason lies on the same ground. Heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time.

It is the story of a private detective, Matthew who hails from Canada and is not such a well known one in his field. However, one fine day, Matthew gets a case which would help him rediscover his passion for religious mysticism of which he is always fascinated about and make him one of the mediators of the two worlds - the one which we live in and the one which is beyond our imagination. Andrew is the one who brings the case to Matthew. A very loving common man who was about to get married in a few days when he lost his fiancee to the rage of a rogue wave while he was on a holiday with her. However, some days later, still under the grief of her lost fiancee, he sees something through which his hope for her being alive kindles and he randomly approaches Matthew. What brings him to Matthew and what happens next - is a total to-be-read thing. It would be injustice if I spill the beans as I would like my readers to embark on this journey.

Talking further, how many of us believe that there is something more than what meets our eye? How many of us have questioned the things we find unnatural? Out of that, how many of us have gone through such unnatural things? Well ! Only a few. However, this book is for almost everyone. You will relate with some or the other characters. If not that, you will surely find answers for life. I would like to quote an excerpt from the book which kind of moved me and maybe it would have the same impact on my readers. The quote goes as :

“Intelligence comes from knowing others,

But to know oneself brings wisdom.

There is strength in mastering others

But true power comes from mastering oneself.”

So, it summarizes the thing of “power on you over and before others”. Priceless! Isn’t it? You will come across various such phrases and excerpts in the book.

So, if you are someone who questions what meets the eye or likes fictions, then definitely you are in for some wonderful treat. I am truly obliged to be one of the few readers to read it before its release. I highly recommend it to all my readers. The readers will be notified once its out for sale. So keep coming back.

Happy Reading !

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