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I am no professional blogger but as they say interest is what it takes. So, here I am expressing my views and giving facts about my most personal favourite genre “literature” and of-course “books”.

I am a woman juggling between things which almost 90% of the ladies are juggling too. So, I wish to dedicate this very blog of mine to the ladies who endlessly thrive to be what they really want to be amidst the things they do to keep others happy and the houses running and also the gentlemen who understand them and acknowledge their efforts. Hope you find solace amidst this chaos in


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As we all know that literature and the world of books is a huge spectrum. So, my bit is to make you people enjoy the waves of this ocean which is immeasurable . I wish to reach out to people who love and admire the knowledge provided by these tangible sources i.e. “books”. Be it fiction, non-fiction, autobiography or any other genre, I would express my views with you along with the facts these pieces have. Also, since it is an area which is not closed but highly open ended, I would wish to hear from you all too. Your suggestions, opinions, feedbacks and facts are always welcome!

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