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The Ocean is Her Title Book Review

Have you come across any book that is not confined to any one genre? Have you come across a piece that might answer not all but atleast some of the questions your mind has been asking? Well! I have! I happen to bump into the book “The Ocean is her title” by Manjima Misra and is was a refreshing change. As the title suggests “Ocean” has been used symbolically across the book and when you read it the title will make sense to you not at the superficial level but somewhere deep too.

Talking about the book, it narrates the story of Poulomi Chatterjee, a young outgoing girl with a mind undeterred by anyone’s opinion. She is a brave soul and is her father’s darling. However, not everything in life is smooth for her. Everything comes with a price and so does her pure soul. She goes through various obstacles in life, both personally and professionally. How she conquers them and what learnings she gets from those are a delight to read. The book even captures the narrative of a parallel universe which would be liked by Marvel fans. Even the Harry Porter fans have something to relate in the story. Coming to my favourite part, it has to be the chapter where Poulomi and her father have a beautiful conversation about everything under the sun. The topics they discuss, their opinions about it and the meaning drawn from the same, gave me many of the answers I was looking for. When they say, “You don’t choose the book, the book chooses you”; they say it for a reason.

I fear that discussing more about the book might prove to be spoiler, so I want my readers to themselves delve into Poulomi’s world and find out for themselves what it has in store for you. This can be your next binge read!


Happy Reading!

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