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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Becoming - Michelle Obama

Dear Author,

This is a piece of admiration from one of your readers who has lately become your fan. I addressed you as an “author” and not with your first name or last name because I am still not sure if it would be ideal enough to do so since you have left a great impact on me with your book, with your life so far and with the grace you have handled everything so beautifully.

This is my first attempt ever writing a book review this way. I thought of writing it as an open letter to the author herself because I felt so. Judging your book and giving remarks on it would be so minuscule. So, this was the way I thought of expressing my ideas about the book. Also, this is the first audio book I would be reviewing. It was a treat to hear the life story from the protagonist herself. What a charm ! I really hope this piece reaches out to you somehow, though it is preposterous. However, I hope I do justice with this piece as you did with your work. So, let’s begin.

Your book is inspirational in every way possible. Everyone should give it a read. At Least all the girls should. From coming from a humble background to becoming the first lady of the United States for eight years, you inspire every girl. It is not easy to show their vulnerabilities to the world and still stay strong as you always are. I found strength in every phase of your life as you described. From being a scholar to a leading lawyer and from being a caring daughter to becoming a really loving mother to your daughters. The battles you fought academically, professionally and personally are to be acknowledged and taken lessons from. One would only dream to have a life like yours. But, no one can imagine the struggles that lay behind the scenes. The world only sees what it wants to see!

One of the most important lessons I learnt from your life and book is the impact and need for “education”. Education itself can change the world. But, as they say “change begins from oneself” also holds true. Education and knowledge can change the plight of women and what the future holds for them. The society starts with a homemaker, the lady and with her being strong , the society itself will become powerful. A beautiful message portrayed in an ethereal way.

The way you made your place and made your presence felt in the patriarchal society is truly commendable. The way you raised your daughters in-spite of being in the limelight in their growing phases yet not restraining them from enjoying the simple pleasures of life is something that really touched my heart. Also, not to forget the duties of a wife which you handled in-spite of the hardships and the affectionate bond you and Mr. Barrack Obama share is something I myself will take as a life lesson.

I can go on writing endlessly about your book but I do not want to give spoilers for your book. So, I would keep it short and simple. I would really wish every viewer of this review to turn into the reader of your book and draw inspiration from your life as I did!

With love and good wishes,

Your Ardent Fan :)

You can read this book Here.

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No doubt, Michelle Obama is an inspiration. Very well written dear.

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