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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book review by Perminder Kaur
Book Review: The Alchemist

These days I am more into the non-fictions, but today I wish to review a fictional book of Paulo Coelho which unknowingly does the work of a non-fiction book i.e. to motivate. Seeing the world today where people are more like “ my way or sky-way (nothing at all)”, this book actually holds an old school belief of “ Believe! Strive and then Achieve!” i.e. “No short cuts”. Today, when the world around only digs for ways to quick fix or achieve much in short span and where everyone is basically in mad rat race, this book teaches to slow down and work hard.

The story of Santiago, the shepherd, who believed in his dreams and moved to achieve it with innumerable obstacles in his path, shows what real dedication is.

The story revolves around a shepherd who has a vision of a treasure under the pyramid of Egypt. He goes to a fortune teller to interpret his vision and is advised to go ahead with the treasure hunt and is in turn asked for 1/10th of the treasure by the fortune teller. Santiago, still in dilemma, goes in search of the treasure. In the transit, he rests under a tree and has the dream vision again. He then goes ahead with his sheep in order to support the expenses. His fortune gets robbed away midway and he is forced to work with a glass merchant. When he had enough money to travel ahead, he leaves the job and meets with the love of his life, Fatima and wishes to settle down with her. However, she encourages him to move ahead. Then what happens are a series of unrealistic events which would be better justifies if read personally.

This book does have all the elements which the youth of today needs who have become quite restless with so much going around. The book teaches us basically three golden life lessons.

1) Following one’s heart

2) Constant perseverance

3) Treasure is where a person is but one needs to go out to find it

Lastly, one of the practical life lesson is the life of the author itself. This book was initially rejected by the publishers but Paulo Coelho never gave up and finally the book became one of the bestsellers of the century and the writer becoming popular after finishing up almost four decades of his life. That being said, this book is a must read and it definitely does justice with the readers.

You can read this book Here.

Happy reading!!

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I've read this book. You've summed it up very nicely....wonderful work

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