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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Book Review
Book Review: Thread

I don’t exactly remember when I watched a good movie that made me forget my hunger and thrust and I was totally engrossed in it. Such movies are great. Isn’t it? Well, with the current situation of the world, these things have become a thing of the past. However, this book fills up all the requirements which makes for a good movie and an enticing read.

The story of a big shot, who has some grand background which he gets to know later in life and much later than its significance. However, everything isn’t served on a silver platter and everything good has its own price to be paid so is the case with Kyle, the protagonist. Good at heart, full of virtues and a self made man, yet Kyle had to fight his destiny every now and then. Surrounded by back stabbers and not so thankful people, Kyle’s life will surely arouse pity and sympathy in the reader's mind. Nevertheless, Kyle’s determination, perseverance and most of the time his presence of mind saves his life and fortune. The way he lands up in every situation is unpredictable, an aspect every reader craves for in a work. In-spite of being such a genuine person, his destiny tries him every now and then. The series of events which takes place are connected in a peculiar way with something. What is that something? For that, dig into the pages! In the entire story, there is a connection between living and dead, virtue and vice, evil and good as the title of the book aptly suggests. It is on the readers to infer those connections and admire them. The book has all the elements of a good work, drama, thrill, deception, suspense, witchcraft, romance and what not. You name it and you have it.

The story of this businessman is so gripping that a reader will surely want to read it in one go. Also, the author’s style of writing is remarkable as he surely knows when and how much to reveal and when to put on the veil straight till the end. You know your work is a hit when the reader falls in love with the protagonist. Well! I have and I assume most of the readers too will. The coming of age of the protagonist and the plot built up around it is phenomenal.

With all this being said, I surely recommend this book to every reader who enjoys being on a thrilling virtual journey while gobbling on a work. Also, this review is done with an advanced reader copy (ARC) before the actual publication which gives me extra pleasure for being one among the few before the actual piece is released. I really hope this hits the chart.

A must read for all the avid readers and my best wishes to the upcoming author.

We will update once the book is published.

Happy reading !

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