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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I am a person who rarely reads the ‘horror’ genre. Call it the fear or the unknown or just lack of interest. However, there are times when a book becomes so unexpectedly gripping that you cannot help reading it one go. One such book I came across was “Ghosts in our backyard” by Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani who is related to the famous Ramsay family. The Ramsay family has been synonym to the spooky genre in Indian cinema. We (at least I) as kids grew up with these movies and still have memories of them. But what if I tell you that the makers of the movie were not just limited to showcasing the other world on screen but somehow witnessed them in real life too? Eerie, right? Yes, for sure for most of us but you never know what these things had in store for them.

Alisha’s maternal relatives were the Ramsay’s, and she tells the real-life stories of these unearthly events in her book. Since, most of the stories are firsthand instance and there is no filter, it is even more gripping. Call it their fate or the supreme call, they had to witness the spirits both in good and evil ways. Talking of the good spirits, reminds me of a story in the book that talks about the lost family member who still looks after her kids even after death. While on the other hand, there are also stories of evil spirits who have been a reason for nuisance in their lives. Whether it be in real lives or on the sets of the movie, the spirits followed them everywhere every now and then. The way the writer has narrated the stories is commendable. She has showcased the never heard before lives of the makers of Ramsay brothers and family and everyone related to them which makes it even more interesting as the readers would be able to relate.

The perspective with which we read the horror stories is totally different from the narrative style of the author. Spirits cannot always be bad, sometimes they are worried, worried for their loved ones. I am not revealing the stories entirely as it would be a spoiler. If you want a binge read which is also vastly different, this book is for you. Go grab a copy for yourself and dive into the spooky world!

Happy Reading!

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