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The Roaring Lambs: Sreedhar Bevara

When we hear the word “Law”, we picture humans practicing a civilized life. Also, a court is the epitome of Law but that too we picture in the human context. We never picture things beyond the human realm. However, the book “The Roaring Lambs” by Sreedhar Bevara is a fine example of a blend of the concept of law and order with the perspective of Jungle. Yes, you read it right, “The Law of the Jungle”. We have come across various fables in our childhood and learned various moral lessons from them. Hence, it was a delight to come across a fable after so long which has life lessons not only for children but adults too. The unique narrative makes it a good read for adults.

The story revolves around the creatures of the jungle and the injustice of the mighty over the meek. When we talk of Jungle, we know that there is one above the other always. However, there is a law to be followed. Unlike, human beings who find pleasure in breaking the laws and residing in a self-made hell for themselves, the animals are far more mature to abide by the Law of Nature or rather the Jungle. They know nothing is beyond supreme nature. If the natural law is broken, there’s no way of escape for them. They will have to witness the wrath of nature. However, since there’s always a flip side, there’s evil in the world of animals too that has been beautifully portrayed by the author. There is not one but several life lessons one can learn from this book. How the author has conveyed the message is commendable as it doesn’t follow the cliched way of narrating a story. The picturesque depiction of the story makes it all the more alluring.

Talking about the story, as usual, I will reveal some and leave the rest unveiled as I want my readers to dig into it personally. We know that the king of the jungle, as we have been hearing since childhood, is Lion. He is the supreme one among other species and magnanimous in all respect. However, the King is a King not with his power but because of the support and love of other species of the Jungle. When things go wrong from his side and pride takes over, he too has to suffer the lethal blow from nature as balance is the mantra of Nature, for everyone. As they say “Might is not always right”. The story conveys the same along with other lessons one can surely treasure for life.

Having said that, if you are a fan of fables or stories like that of “The Jungle Book” and “The Lion King”, then this book is a steal. A highly recommended book for a refreshing reading session. So, grab a copy for yourself.

Happy Reading!

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