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Timeless: The creature beyond time

“You don’t have to be an anti-man to be a pro-woman - Jane Galvin Lewis”

Controversial! Isn’t it? When we talk about the rights of women or gender equality or any sort of feminism, we tend to look at the counterpart with vengeful eyes or agitation with no good reason. Why? Why on Earth one has to be superior and the other inferior? Be it male or female. The actual feminity when we talk of comes only with equality and not an imbalance of it. Nature has done the same so who are we to go against it. With International Women’s Day around the corner, what better time to talk about this?

Having talked about gender equality, let’s talk about the females are we are lately celebrating them. When I talk about celebration, it includes every aspect of the feminine gender, even the flaws, and imperfections. Society has always set a time-check for every task to be fulfilled. By the 20s you need to get your education completed, by 30s you need to build your nest with “expected off-springs” and by 40s serve them as much as your buffer energy allows you. Isn’t it unfair? Well, it was! Things are changing, people are changing and coming up with totally evolved mindsets. Needless to say, it still needs a lot of work. So by keeping this time in time and talking about the change, I decided to review a poem for the very first time. Most of you must have read it, but I would like to quote it word by word first and later share my ideas on the same. So, here it goes :

“they convinced me

I only had a few good years left

before I was replaced by a girl younger than me

As though men yield power with age

but women grow into irrelevance

They can keep their lies

For I have just gotten started

I feel as though I just left the womb

My twenties are the warm-up

For what I’m really about to do

Wait till you see me in my thirties

Now that will be the proper introduction

To the nasty, wild, woman in me

How can I leave before the party’s started

Rehearsals begin at forty

I ripen with age

I do not come with an expiration date

And now

For the main event

Curtains up at fifty

Let’s begin the show” - Timeless by Rupi Kaur

“Incredibly Beautiful” is the first description for this exuberant piece that comes to my mind. Beautifully expressing the ideas of society for women and the revolt against the same by women. In this evolving world, females have gone beyond the constraints to time and the so-called check-lists they have to tick before moving further. Things are changing and changing for the better. Women have found their place and worth in this world and are thriving hard to make their own identity and why not? When they are equally competent. And now talking about men. Women are not competing against them. They are just competing with their past selves. They are changing for the better and as good companions, it is the duty of men to encourage them. The same goes for the women too. If this happens and instead of pulling each other down, we push each other to the best of our capabilities, we can make the world a well-balanced place to live in!

So, here’s wishing every lady out there, a very Happy International Women’s Day!!

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